Blog Assignment #1 – Creating a Blog – Why do it?


It cannot be understated how important it is for students to create an online presence for future post-secondary and business opportunities!

Watch this video:

What will your future career look like?

1. Please be prepared to read and respond to these two articles:

2) Go to this site and respond to your feelings about the impact of an Online Presence.

3) Please complete this first assignment and prepare your blog!

Assignment #1 – assignment-1-creating-a-blog


11 thoughts on “Blog Assignment #1 – Creating a Blog – Why do it?

  1. Blogs can be great, but the thing that really stood out for me was how they talked about how it is easier for the younger generation to express themselves not just emotionally, but verbally as well. My question is, how will this pave the way for success out of school? Let’s take a moment and think about what awaits a student out of high school. How is someone to hire you if the best ()and only) way you communicate is through the means of a blog. With no social skills to be found, how can you prosper in the real world. Just because you prosper online, doesn’t pave the way for success outside in the real world. That being said, it makes sense that some people find it easier to express themselves through means such as blogs. I do not have the right to judge how someone may or may not produce their creativity and I love seeing what humanity is capable of doing with stuff they adapt to. Like computers. My biggest concern is becoming to complacent with what has been offered to us. Blogs can bring out a positive or negative side of humanity, dependent on how well you use it. If we become to reliant on these means though, we will throw away important values that make us human, and will make us successful in the future. The thing to consider while reading the articles is, how will my social skills be affected? or (one of the best questions) how will blogs pave a way for my life outside of school. It is important to retain what makes us human, and what it is that creates a path for us to tread upon.

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  2. I think blogs are great for kids to learn about information and how it reflects on other people and blogs should be taken responsibaly and not talk supid and i agree blogs are great and for everybody to say what they feel about blogs but i disagree with people that dont take blogs not for granted and blogs are great for learning new information on stuff. thank you

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  3. One of the more obvious benefits any blogger will gain is better writing skills. Sure, you might start out a bit rough at first, but as you get to your 5th, 10th, or even 100th post, the words will likely flow easier. Unlike the assignments you churn out for class or the reports you do for work, a blog is something all your own. No one told you to do this. you just did due to your own volition.


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