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Why Choose a Path into Arts and Technology?

Centre for Arts and Technology

Research into the Centre for Arts and Technology and see what programs might support your future career. Investigate a program and provide a “spot light” on the program. Include info on the program, the course requirements, course content, future career choices, etc.  Provide pictures.

Is a private post-secondary school a good or poor choice for you? Explain your answer by comparing your future plans to the program at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

Create a 100- 125 word blog post including picture examples of student work.

Blog Assignment #2 – Getting to Know Your Computer Course


Now that you have established your presence in the class community, it’s time to learn more about what your course is about and where these skills can take you in the future:

Intro Blog Assignment #2:

  1. Leave your First Name and Last Name initial with your blog link in the comments section.
  2. Complete the following assignment to investigate your course choice: Getting to Know Your Computer Discipline

Blog Assignment #1 – Creating a Blog – Why do it?


It cannot be understated how important it is for students to create an online presence for future post-secondary and business opportunities!

Watch this video:

What will your future career look like?

1. Please be prepared to read and respond to these two articles:

2) Go to this site and respond to your feelings about the impact of an Online Presence.

3) Please complete this first assignment and prepare your blog!

Assignment #1 – assignment-1-creating-a-blog