Welcome to Unit 1 – Hardware Design!

Unit Outline

It is excepted that in this four week unit you will learn:

  • The basic function of components from a desktop computer.
  • How to identify and label each component inside a computer tower.
  • To understand and explain the necessity of peripheral computer devices.
  • Examine current trends in computer technology for the home.
  • To evaluate the best possible solution to designing a technology plan for a family.

Assessment will be based on:

#1 – Building a Computer – a theory Assignment for the basics in understanding computers – 80 marks (based on correct completion and teacher observation)

#2 – Computer Hardware for a Family – a Project to create a modern technological solution for a family – 160 marks (based on correct completion, in-class collaboration, and a final presentation rubric)

#3 – Reflection/Review – a review of the unit for major components, a reflection on what you learned, and observations on other student projects – 30 marks (based on correct completion)

All work is expected to be uploaded to your blog and when asked, to the teacher hand-in folder.

Week 1 –

#1 – Building a Computer – create a Word document and upload it to your blog

Week 2- 4

#2 – Computer Hardware – Family – create a presentation and spread sheet – send a link to the teacher site (name and link)

Week 4

#3 – Reflection-Review – answer these final questions, create a reflection, and “snip” comments left on other student blogs

Marking Rubrics

Presentation Marking Guide

PowerPoint Notes for the assignments:

Unit One – Computer Basics

Unit One – Computer Types

Unit One – Computer Fundamentals

Copy of Computer Invoice:

Compuer Invoice Example