Welcome to Hardware and Robotics!

Download Outline – Hardware and Robotics Course Outline

Unit 1 – What is a Network?

Assignment #1 – Computer Operating Systems

Assignment #2 – Designing a Business Network


Unit One – Computer Basics

Unit One – Computer Networks

Unit One – Computer Types

Unit One – The Basics of Computer Networking

Unit 2 – Designing a Working Network – Inquiry Project

Use the Inquiry Model to complete a networking project of your choice.

Unit 2 – Inquiry Project

Designing a working network – use the following videos to install Unbuntu, and set up a file server sharing service between at least two computers.

Setting up Ubuntu:


Setting up the file server:


Document your work along the way and prepare pictures, videos, and notes (50 – 100 words) to describe the steps you took (at least five steps)


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