Welcome to Computer Basics!

Unit Outline

It is expected that in this four week unit you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of PC parts and their purpose
  • Understand the differences and operation of computer operating systems

Assessment will be based on:

#1 – PC Parts – Learn the proper techniques, terminology, and concepts around PC computers – 50 marks (based on correct completion)

#2– Computer Operating Systems – Learning the history and basic functions of operating systems – 60 marks (based on correct completion)

#3 – Command Prompts – 50 marks (based on correct completion, teacher observation)

#4 – Reflection/Review – a review of the unit for major components, a reflection on what you learned, and observations on other student projects –30 marks (based on correct completion)

All work is expected to be uploaded to your blog and when asked, to the teacher hand-in folder.

Week 1 –

#1 – PC Parts

Week 2 –

#2 – Computer Operating Systems

Week 3-4

#3b – Using Command Prompts

#4 – Reflection-Review – Hardware


PowerPoint Notes:

Unit One – Computer Basics

Unit One – Computer Types

Unit One – Operating Systems

Unit One – DOS Commands

Marking Rubrics

Presentation Marking Guide