Welcome to Computers 8!

Downloadable Outline – Computers 8 – Course Outline

Unit Outline

Assignment #1 – Create your own blog! (Blog Marks)

24 marks – see the rubric here – Blogging Rubric

Use the site http://www.wordpress.com to create a site for yourself (don’t use your real name)

1) Choose a theme for yourself

2) Modify the header – insert a picture and a title “Computers 8”

Assignment #2 – Letter/Post About Yourself (Blog Marks)

30 marks – 10 marks for each

1) On the “About” page tell us more about yourself – (50-100 words):

A. What are your hobbies or interest

B. Something interesting about yourself

2) On the “Home” page create a post about:

What do you know about computers and technology?   Explain your previous computer experience, etc. What do you want to know about computers, technology, etc.? Include a picture that represents you. (50-100 words and pictures/video)

3) Create a second post about:

What are some of the most exciting future technologies you are looking forward to using and why? Describe three different types of computer technology and how they inspire you. Research one of the technologies from the movie and find out more information about this technology including when it will become available to you. Include a URL at the end of your paragraph to link with the webpage you used. Provide pictures of this technology. – (50-100 words, pictures/video)

Post a link to your blog and your first name in the comments section of this page.

Use this link to give you notes on what we learn in class to help you:

Future Technology – Notes

 Assignment #3- Photoshop (Project Marks)

32 marks – 16 marks for each – see rubric here – Photoshop Rubric

Part I – Assignment #1 – Collage

Part II – Assignment #2 – Hybrid

Post your finished Picture and the pictures you used for the assignments into a “Galley” through the Widgets on Theme “Customize”

Assignment #4 – Game Inquiry Project (Assignment Marks)

15 marks – 5 marks for each review

Do a little research into gaming! 😉

Complete the following assignment and write a blog response based on what you find out…

Game Inquiry Project

Assignment #1 – Gaming Research and Review

Notes – Types of Games

Games Today

A History of Games

Game Designers

Post your reviews as your third blog post.

Assignment #5 – Game Presentation (Project Marks)

28 marks – see the rubric here – Prezi_Rubric

Create a presentation from the notes you gathered in the last assignment.

Use www.prezi.com

Game Review

Game Reviews – Example

Game Presentation 2

Create a forth post and link your prezi presentation to it.

Assignment #6 – Coding (Assignment Marks/Project Marks)

28 marks (14 marks each)

Go to this page https://scratch.mit.edu/ and complete the “Try it Out”.

Next click on the “See examples” and choose to do one project.


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