Welcome to Unit 3 – Game Development and Design!

Unit Outline

In this four week unit it is expected that you learn:

  • Learn the basics of game design, terminology
  • Expand upon your skill set for either Unity 3D or Unreal Engine
  • The fundamentals of creating a customized 2D or 3D game
  • Preparing your game for users

Assessment will be based on:

#1 – Intro to Game Development and Design – Learn the proper techniques, terminology, and concepts around game the game development process – 50 marks (based on correct completion)

#2 – Game Design– create a conceptual 2D or 3D game idea – 50 marks (based on correct completion, teacher observation)

#3 – Building your game– build a small game based on your concept ideas – 50 marks (based on correct completion, teacher observation, and a rubric)

#4 – Reflection/Review – a review of the unit for major components, a reflection on what you learned, and observations on other student projects –30 marks (based on correct completion)

All work is expected to be uploaded to your blog and when asked, to the teacher hand-in folder.

Assessment will be based upon:

Week 1 –

#1- Game Theory – Upload this as a Word Document and PowerPoint to Unit 1 page

Week 1- 2 –

#2 – Building a Promotional Design For a Game – create a complete promotional pitch sheet for your game idea

Week 3-4

#3- Custom 2D or 3D Game – create the game, hand in the exported game and the game files to the Hand-in Folder, take at least three screen shots with snipping tool and add them to the Unit 3 page with captions (to explain what is going on in the game)

#4 – Reflection-Review – answer these final questions, create a reflection, hand in your programs, and “snip” comments left on other student blogs


PowerPoint Notes for the assignments:

Template for Prospective Game

A History of Games

Game Designers

Games Today