Welcome to Video Production Basics!

Unit Outline

It is expected that in this four week unit you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of video editing, terminology
  • The basic panels, tools, and options for Adobe Premiere CS6
  • How to storyboard a short clip
  • How to export your movies

Assessment will be based on:

#1 – Video Editing – Learn the proper techniques, terminology, and concepts around video editing – 50 marks (based on correct completion)

#2– Learning the Basics of Premiere Pro – Learning the basic functions of the panels, tools, options, and effects – 60 marks (based on correct completion)

#3 – Applying Techniques– a minor Project to test out the techniques you learned – 50 marks (based on correct completion, teacher observation, and a final presentation rubric)

#4 – Reflection/Review – a review of the unit for major components, a reflection on what you learned, and observations on other student projects –30 marks (based on correct completion)

All work is expected to be uploaded to your blog and when asked, to the teacher hand-in folder.

Week 1 -2 –

#1 – Intro to Video Production

#2 – Learning the Basics of Premiere Pro– create a Word document and upload it to your blog

Week 2-4 –

#3 Applying Techniques to a Short Clip– create a short clip movie clip and hand in, upload work to your Unit 1 page on your blog

Week 4 –

#4 – Reflection-Review – answer these final questions, create a reflection, present your short movie clip, and “snip” comments left on other student blogs

PowerPoint Notes for the assignments:

Introduction to Video Production

Premiere Pro CS6

Marking Rubrics

Premiere Pro Rubric

Presentation Marking Guide