Digital Media 2014-15 Semester

wolf violin layer unit 2 project sydneys movie poster technology magazine add the hunger games sydneybrowns magazine cover splash effect special_pink_roses-wide Pedro Morales Poster - Raymond Koopmans skyscraper JACSON TROZZO UNIT-2 FINAL parinacota-cracked On the Bench Nora Du-Video Game Cover Design(assignment#4) Brunette model posing on a white background Nora Du-part3 assignment completed Nora Du-poster Brush(assignment#1,part2) Nora Du-Halftone Image Effect(assignment#4) Nora Du-Final Project(Single Tree) Nora Du-CompositeWithSilhouettes(assignment#3) Nature with city Nora Du- Deisign with Grid Effects(assignment#4) Nora Du- Final Project(Nature&Tree Post) Magazine Cover - Raymond Koopmans magazine add Illustrator work Final Project finished greek warrior Hollywood Title - Raymond Koopmans final project 2 Fairy Shadow eye poster Design with Grid Effects - Raymond Koopmans digital media final project 2 digital media final project Creature by the Well BokehMagazine_done


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