Welcome to Unit 1 – Graphic Imaging

Unit Outline

In this four week unit it is expected that you learn:

  • The rationale for colour design.
  • The basic tools of graphic design for a software program (Photoshop)
  • Development of graphic skills for commercial and artistic design
  • Compose documents using advanced layering, masking, channels, and path
  • Create documents that demonstrate use of a variety of methods of photo retouching and manipulation
  • Use various software tools to optimize digital content for display size, file size, quality, and ease of distribution

Assessment will be based upon:

#1 – Colour Theory – an investigation into the rationale behind the aesthetics of colour and design. (30 marks) – an Assignment based on correct completion

#2 – Photoshop Tutorials – develop the skills and tools necessary for basic Photoshop work. (60 marks) – a Tutorial based on correct completion and demonstration of basic Photoshop skills

#3 – Photoshop Projects – produce two Photoshop Major Projects – one based on commercial design and the other as an artistic design. (30 marks each based on Photoshop Rubric)

#4 – Reflection/Review – a review of the unit for major components, a reflection on what you learned, and observations on other student projects –30 marks (based on correct completion)


#1 – Colour Theory

Why should we care about colour in digital design? Colour is one of the essential elements to any digital design that you create.

Use this Powerpoint to help  – Colour Theory and Graphic DesignColour and Graphic Design

Answer the questions from this Word Document and post on your blog on a new page called “Unit 1 – Photoshop”: Assignment #1 – Introduction to Colour Theory and Graphic Design

Here is a designer “Cheat Sheet” to download for colour theory:


#2 – Photoshop Tutorials

Use these tutorials to help understand the basics of Photoshop – #2 – Photoshop Tutorials – Upload your png or jpeg files to your unit one page with a caption explanation for each.

These tutorials are based on:

Photoshop CS6

#3 – User choice. Select a project that interests you from the internet or from one of the resources in class. Confirm your choice with the instructor before you begin. Use the outline for the project to guide you –#3 – User Choice Original Work

#4 Reflection-Review  – answer these final questions, create a reflection, present your Original Work, and “snip” comments left on other student blogs.